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Hi, welcome to the toPick testing family

Ever been stuck and hungry in a new city? Unsure of the options around you? toPick is here to help. Customised to fit your needs, toPick is designed to assist travellers and locals alike discover the world around them through the power of notifications. We harness the power of your location to tailor the experience and results generated within the app. Based on what you love and want. Main features: • Personalised results from the get-go. Choose categories which suit you. You control everything from the results you see on the page to the language you browse in. • Complete customisability. Custom map view removes clutter and focuses on what you want. In the most convenient way imaginable. • Consistent notifications. Never stop exploring what's around you. You always know what's closest to you. The categories below are only some of the options which you can browse and select to suit your personal preference, and simplify your life. • Restaurants • Cinemas • Fuel stations • Cafe’s • Fast food • Supermarkets And many more Privacy Policy: Terms & Conditions:

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